* Look for the Light instead of the Shadows *
* The Four Horsemen are to be loved as much as feared *
* You can do anything you want, be anything you want; you can live your dream *
* Watch your head * All we are is Dust in the wind * Never get between a married couple *
* Good and Evil are sometimes hard to separate; they are both within us all *
* Courage, Courage * Everyone gets them something unique- just go with the toaster *
* There are worse things one can be than a sex object * Home is where the head is *
* Sometimes being a Catholic Priest is easier than others * Never underestimate your opponant *
*There's so little time to do anything or see anything * Everyone is judged eventually *
* Never forget of your past * We're none of us perfect * Killing gets tiring after a few centuries *
* There's got to be some nutritional value in trout * Denial is Bliss *
* The answers to every question are 'Or something...' or 'Yes. Oh, yes' *
* Nothing's written in stone * Amanda was never cheap * Who judges you? *
* Loyalty to convictions and compatriats only gets you so far *
* Sometimes poetry is better seen than heard * Watchers and immortals can be friends *
* You never get over your first love * It's important to have a long memory *
* Expect the unexpected * When you can't sleep, discuss "swords" *
* Choose your ground, choose your weapon, and face what is to come *
* Because the alternative is unthinkable * The song's called Bonny Portmore; go get it *
* Even half a season's better than nothing * Justice isn't always justified *
* Never trust Amanda with your credit cards *
* When stealing something important, keep a tight grip on your flashlight *
* Be careful where you eat a banana * Forgiveness is an important lesson to learn *
* In the end, There Can Be Only One! *

Highlander is Forever