My Tribute to Highlander
Duncan: It's better just to disappear.
Joe: Yeah, I guess that's what legends are supposed to do.

The purpose for this page has changed over the years. I wanted to have some huge tribute to the entire series, expressing exactly how much it meant to me and how it changed my life. But when it came to it, I couldn't find a way to express that. There just wasn't any way. So it took me a good six years or so, but I finally created a page to pay my respects.

I started watching halfway through the first season. 'For Evil's Sake' was the first episode I'd ever watched. I'd seen opening credits of the show and assumed I wouldn't like the show. But it was the mimes that caught my attention. And then Duncan. Duncan running, as he so often did in the series. And when I witnessed that first Quickening... I was amazed. And hooked. I tuned in next week and the week after, and the week after. It was on repeat at that point, and led directly to the second season where I certainly proclaimed myself a Watcher. Even bought a necklace later on.

I sobbed when Tessa died and Richie became immortal. I wanted to hug Joe for being such a great friend. I wanted to kill Horton myself. I was shocked by Methos numerous times. And I always smiled when Amanda was on screen. I cried when Charlie left... both times. And Duncan... absolutely loved, adored, and admired him. He was my hero, my teacher, and my hunk. They were characters who kept growing deeper and keep growing deeper the more I watch every episode. The episodes were fantastic, ranging from intense humor to horrible tragedy. They teach lessons, convey emotions, and really say something about the world and life. Well, most of them at least.

Highlander, literally, changed my life. It gave me a reason to hang on every week. Gave me something to look forward to. But it also gave me fantastic role models and answers to moral questions. It gave me characters I could truly care about on so many different levels. And it brought me online to find a fanbase (Go Rysher Forum!) bigger and more incredible than I could have dreamed of, including one woman who was really my Kindred Spirit. Highlander gave me ways of expressing myself and of seeing life around me. I learned about new times and events in history, and discovered an intense passion for everything Scottish. Highlander was more than a love, more than an obsession, and something that touched me that deeply will never leave my heart, even as it's over.

Highlander is Forever