Highlander Creations
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On this page you will find a wide selection of my creations related to Highlander. Highlander:the series was an inspiration to me in so many ways- none of which are really shown here. It gave me faith in the world, comfort, and love in culture. It was a part of my life for six wonderful years, and its marks are left with me, and somewhat displayed on this page. Enjoy!
NOTE: All material here is copyright Kate of Kintail. Please ask if you wish to use anything here.

Some short stories and poetry

No, not photos of the actors... just... well... you'll see ;-)

You can tell I don't have an aptitude for drawing

Some Highlander graphics/collages I have compiled

Some sound wavs I've captured. NOTE: Sounds are currently offline due to space

Some icons I've created

LifeJournal Moodsets I've created

Highlander is Forever