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Here, you will find unique elements related to the show, rather than just the typical fan page of actor bios and episode reviews. Let me know what you like and if you have suggestions about other sections I might add. I hope you enjoy your journey into the Highlander Universe! Last Update- November 6, 2004:
Added 22 new icons
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Highlander Links:
Official Sites: * Official Highlander Site/Catalog *
Actor/Fanclub Sites: * Adrian Paul Fanclub/PEACE * Peter Wingfield Fan Club * Stan Kirsch Site *
* Jim Byrnes Fan Club * Elizabeth Gracen Site * Valentine Pelka Fan Club *
* F. Braun McAsh Site *
My Favorite Sites: * Kate DotD's HL page * Quink's Links *Highlander * Forumland 4-1-1 *
* HAM Reviews * Methos.org *
Info Sites: * TV Tome Listing * Episode List * IMDB Search *

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